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Our Weeks in the Arena

Joe: ~5816 now

  • Balloon cycle
  • Inferno Dragon 11/20
  • Clan: 9322

Rob: ~5300 this season

  • New PB 5728 – Master 3!!!
  • Graveyard Bandit from War Chest
  • Lumberjack from ladder legendary chest
  • Beat the Prince Challenge
  • Clan: 9842!!!




News and Topics

  • Goblin Cage Impressions
  • New emotes!
    • Goblin Cage emotes
    • Baby dragon emote
    • eDragon emotes
    • prince emotes
  • Challenges
    • Goblin Cage Challenge
      • Unlock new card and flex emote
    • Prince Challenge
      • Prince with Mirror emote
    • Dragon Boat Challenge
      • Baby dragon emote
    • The Hog Race Draft Challenge
      • Prize was Giant Chest, gold, and rare cards
    • Elixir Capture
      • Chest and gold, no losses!!
  • CRL!!!!!

Balance Changes

  • Elite Barbarians: Damage: +18% Hit Speed: -13% (1.5sec -> 1.7sec)
  • Rascals: Boy Hit Speed: -13% (1.3sec -> 1.5sec)
  • Arrows: Projectile Speed: +37% (800 -> 1100)
  • Barbarian Barrel: Damage: -10%

Additional changes included w/balance changes (Heist!!!)


Meta Check


The Meta Check is brought us by our boy Sir Devon (LloydChristmas)!! Let’s look at a few risers and fallers for this meta check!

  • Royal Giant
  • Lightning
  • Fireball
  • Lumberjack
  • Electro Wizard

But wait! There’s….. Dad Jokes!! BOOM!


To see the stats behind this week’s Meta Check click here.


Chest Openings


We open chests round robin style, starting with the least rare, then moving to “The big dogs”!

  1. Joe – Crown, and 3 Big Dogs
  2. Rob – Crown, and 2 Big Dogs


Deck Spotlight



Cards: PEKKA, Bandit, Battle Ram, Minions, Electro Wizard, Royal Ghost, Poison, Zap

Copy to Deck

Decksplanation: This deck is really strong. It seems really complex to play, but it’s not. This deck is an offensive deck. You’ll defend with your minions, your electro wizard, or your PEKKA.

Most of the time you won’t need to defend with your bandit, but you can. The goal with this deck is to bait out your opponents ground defending troops. If you do this, they won’t have proper counters for all of the ground (offensive) threats that you have in your deck. For example, the battle ram, royal ghost, and the bandit all require ground troops to truly prevent them from hitting the opponents tower. If they do this, they won’t have answers for all of them. Also, they won’t have an answer for your big mama PEKKA. This allows you to PEKKANATE them with the PEKKANATOR!!!

The key is to ensure that you do not attack both lanes at the exact same time. This is because your opponent will be able to defend with minimal troops int he middle of their arena and effectively counter both lanes. Make your opponent pick a lane, THEN attack the other lane once then defenses have been used. Also, don’t try and build huge pushes with big mama Pekka in the back. Those will only work vs. Giant/Golem/RG decks. Otherwise, it will not work. This is not a beatdown deck. It is an offensive bridge spam style deck, that will eventually domino out of control in double elixir and your opponent won’t know what hit them. But we know… IT WAS THE PEKKANATOR! LAWLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!



A huge shout out to this week’s newest patron!!!

Corry D. BOOM!!!!!! ❤

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